K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

K-Lite Mega Codec Pack votes

A package containing media codecs, an HD player and related tools
Shadow-Box — 10 months ago
Really useful Codec Pack for playing multi-format media.
Guest #17969047 — 5 years ago
mngash — 6 years ago
Best codec program ever made.
A — 7 years ago
I don't need any other player
Alied Pérez Martínez — 7 years ago
excellent choice of codecs and player. I haven't found something it can't play. no annoying add-ons and stuff
Guest — 7 years ago
best codec pack ever !
Chang — 7 years ago
A must-have to support all types of media files
Guest — 7 years ago
good Multimedia
Guest — 8 years ago
this player can play all types of files
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